Waste Management Incentives

Burying waste in landfills and the burning of tires are methods that have serious environmental consequences. They also destroy valuable commodities that could be easily recycled and that are directly needed in the circular economy and global sustainability.

Governments and industries are continuously adopting initiatives and programs that promote recycling for reuse. Government waste management regulation is critical in restricting the use of landfilling and waste-to-energy methods and to promote policies that encourage recycling for reuse.

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Landfills let many toxins enter our ecosystem and create CO2, the main cause of global warming. Policies must be designed to promote technologies such as TDP because they create higher added value from waste because they produce renewable resources that one day be needed in the circular economy and our planet’s sustainability.

In an effort to improve the efficiency of waste management, governments and industries have begun to implement “Manufacturers’ Responsibility Program” (MRP) or “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR), whereby manufacturers are responsible to take back and dispose their products that have achieved their end-of-life.

Quality, Health, Security, Environmental & ESG

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Ecolomondo’s vision and core values ensure the respect human rights in the way the company conducts its business

Ecolomondo has a strong commitment to its employees and society as a whole. We adhere the triple bottom line approach to business, focusing on: people, planet and profit. Ecolomondo operates and markets TDP turnkey facilities using its proprietary Thermal Decomposition Process (TDP) Platform. It developed the TDP technology with the purpose of improving quality of life by delivering a sustainable solution for the processing of hydrocarbon waste.

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Ecolomondo respects and supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and establishes standards for its employees that are necessary to promote honest and ethical conduct. Treat our employees fairly, Ecolomondo treats all employees fairly, ethically, respectfully and with dignity. The Company offers equal employment opportunities without regard to any distinctions based on age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, citizenship, marital status, family situation, country of origin or other factors, in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country where it does business.

Ecolomondo’s policies protect employees from harassment, bullying and victimization in the workplace, including all forms of sexual, physical and psychological abuse or discrimination. Employees are entitled to, and are expected to preserve, a positive, harmonious and professional work environment.

Ensure a safe work environment We offer a safe working environment and proactive occupational safety and health programs. Ecolomondo always takes necessary actions to prevent accidents in its workplace to ensure safety and security of its employees.

Encourage supplier engagement We expect our suppliers and partners to respect the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we will take action if there is evidence that these principles are being violated.

We are committed to all above statements dealing fairly and ethically with all parties connected to our business. Furthermore, our immediate and long-term goals are to improve sustainability of our planet and, as a consequence, do our share to improve quality of life for all.

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