Ecolomondo’s TDP was noted by both Polytechnique Montreal (Chemical Engineering Department) and Western University (Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources) as safe and robust.

Some waste-pyrolysis methods operate on continuous feed of feedstock, making the removal of oxygen more difficult when compared with closed batch technology, such as TDP. Ecolomondo’s proprietary technology platform operates under very low positive pressure, preventing ambient air/oxygen from entering the reactor, making TDP very safe.

Safety consultants have performed comprehensive analysis to ensure process safety. Further to their recommendations, we have implemented a very rigorous HAZOP program for our employees and process. Furthermore, Ecolomondo has developed and implemented a proprietary automation system that minimizes the human interface, helping to avoid human errors. Our process also has numerous other safety features, such as rupture disks, safety flare, real-time monitoring of the process, of the reactor and of the payload.