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  • We are a green tech company

  • 25 years of technical data and experience

  • Technology that requires no scale-up

  • Positioned to be an industry leader

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  • Global need creates global demand

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  • Huge upside potential

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Eliot Sorella
Chairman & CEO

I was impressed with Ecolomondo’s Thermal Decomposition Process (TDP) when it was first introduced to me over 10 years ago. I immediately saw the business potential and the need for this type of technology. As I became involved, I realized that conventional methods of waste disposal such as landfills and Tire-Derived fuel were destroying valuable resources.
I committed to Ecolomondo as I saw no reason why hydrocarbon waste had to be destroyed, especially when there is a technology that is able to recycle it into reusable resources.

Today, technologies such as Ecolomondo’s TDP are expected to play a fundamental role in resource recovery, the foundation of the circular economy and future sustainability.

At Ecolomondo, we spared no expense and cut no corners while developing our Thermal Decomposition Process. I immediately assembled a passionate and determined team of engineers and experts who shared my vision. Thanks to their commitment, TDP was able to overcome many of the technological challenges brought about by hydrocarbon waste treatment. Cooperation by all parties involved, including vendors, was key to TDP’s successful development.

Thanks to these efforts, Ecolomondo is well-positioned today to become an industry leader in the processing of hydrocarbon waste.

Comments from Industry Experts

Our Technology Platform has been studied by two renowned technical institutes from Canada: Polytechnique Montreal (Chemical Engineering Department); affiliated with the University of Montreal and by University of Western Ontario (Institute for Chemicals and Fuels From Alternative Resources). Independent industry experts have also reviewed TDP’s technology, performed mass balance audits and confirmed the quality of the end-products. These references and the reports are available if you contact us at investors@ecolomondocorp.com.

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