is a digital platform that provides access to information on our company and its technology. Our new website is designed to be more informative and, through our social media platforms, to be more interactive.

Our improved functionality, navigation and design; along with our new social media access, will expand our online reach and help promote global awareness of environmental issues. Our site is now accessible through a wider range of web browsers and devices, including mobiles and tablets.

“The digital environment is extremely important to promote discussions about sustainability and renewable resources. We are marketing a solution that manages and treats hydrocarbon waste that is cleaner and better. Our new website is an important tool for these discussions and will most certainly contribute towards market awareness and our growth” says Eliot Sorella, Chairman & CEO. will continuously keep our followers updated while expanding our reach to new people and new markets. French and Spanish versions will also be available soon.

Be continuously updated, visit often, and connect with us through our social media networks.