Ecolomondo, a global manufacturer of TDP (Thermal Decomposition Process) turnkey facilities that decompose and recycle hydrocarbon waste, is proud to announce that it has selected AirScience Technologies Inc., from Montréal, Québec (Canada) as its provider for a Process Gas Purification System. This System removes unwanted chemical compounds from the process gas while ensuring cleaner emissions for the Thermal Decomposition Process. This long-term co-operation agreement starts immediately with the integration of a Process Gas Purification System in Ecolomondo’s TDP Facility in Contrecoeur, Quebec, followed with the implementation and integration of such systems in all future Ecolomondo’s TDP turnkey facilities.

When decomposing hydrocarbon waste, the process creates gas that contains chemical compounds such as chlorine and sulfur. The Purification System will remove 99,9% of all chlorine and sulfur compounds from its emissions, further improving TDP’s environmental footprint.

Our CEO Eliot Sorella confirms that this partnership will ensure that TDP’s emissions will meet and be lower than the strictest emissions standards in force today.

Eliot Sorella comments: “Adding this technology to our process confirms our commitment to a greener environment. It also places TDP in the forefront of the pyrolytic industry.”