MONTREAL, QUEBEC – December 4, 2017 – Ecolomondo Corporation (TSXV: ECM) (“Ecolomondo” or the “Company“), is pleased to announce that it has received the CSA certification from the Canadian Standards Association (the “CSA”) on its flare system following completion of a technical and safety audit. It is important to note that the Régie des Batiments du Québec (the “RBQ”) sets the standards on high pressure vessels and all gas equipment and uses the CSA to perform on-site verification. The Contrecoeur facility operated by Ecolomondo uses compressors, high pressure vessels, burners, heat exchangers and flares that all fall under the jurisdiction of the RBQ.

All apparatus and equipment that are being used by Ecolomondo at the Contrecoeur facility, as part of the Thermal Decomposition Process (the “TDP”), as this term is defined below have now been approved and certified by CSA on behalf of the RBQ. This is an important step to achieve partial commercial readiness of Ecolomondo’s Contrecoeur facility.

The flare system is part of the safety features of the Thermal Decomposition Process (the “TDP”). It is the apparatus that creates and maintains a small flame that stays on similar to a gas stove. During the process, if the operator has to evacuate the reactor urgently because of a buildup of reactor pressure of hydrocarbons, he will do so by sending the hydrocarbons to the stack. The flare will ignite the hydrocarbons so that they will burn rather than having them condensed into liquid form and falling to the ground.

Furthermore, as part of the process to commercialize the Contrecoeur facility, Ecolomondo is pleased to announce that it has acquired equipment to improve the quality of its recycled carbon black resulting from the TDP process. This post processing equipment will further improve the quality of the recycled carbon black by lowering the ash content inherent in all recycled carbon blacks resulting from pyrolitic platforms.

Post processing of the recycled carbon black is another important step that brings Ecolomondo’s Contrecoeur facility closer to partial commercialization by January 2018. The Contrecoeur TDP facility is an industrial-scale facility consisting of two industrial-size reactors located in Contrecoeur, Québec. Each reactor in the facility has the capacity to treat approximately 19.5 tons of tire waste per day. Partial commercialization of the Contrecoeur facility is expected to be one batch of 6.5 tons per day. Ecolomondo expects to garner attention to its TDP technology by using the Contrecoeur facility as a showpiece, pending the completion of its anticipated Hawkesbury facility.

About Ecolomondo Corporation

Ecolomondo is a development stage clean tech company that has designed, engineered and developed a thermo-reaction process using a pyrolytic platform that converts hydrocarbon waste into marketable commodity end-products, namely carbon black substitute, oil, gas and steel. Ecolomondo plans to manufacture turnkey facilities based on this technology platform and sell them to clients, and collect royalties from their operation, or operate them through wholly or jointly-owned subsidiaries.

Ecolomondo’s process is a Canadian developed green technology, called TDP. TDP is a comprehensive, effective and green solution that could achieve commercial acceptance while reducing the need to landfill. The TDP platform operates under positive pressure, in the absence of oxygen and with very low emissions. Ecolomondo considers its automated process to be safe, robust and environmentally friendly.

Ecolomondo believes its TDP process extracts added value from hydrocarbon waste, and more precisely scrap tires, when compared to other technologies and other methods of recycling. Ecolomondo anticipates an abundant and continuous supply of waste feedstock to be available due to the growing consumption by an expanding population, the emerging markets and changing environmental concerns and regulation, in particular, the need to reduce landfilling. Ecolomondo hopes to become an industry leader in the treatment of these types of hydrocarbon waste in a near future.

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