Montreal, April 3, 2018 Ecolomondo Corporation (TSX-V: ECM) (the “Company” or “Ecolomondo”) is pleased to announce that its pyrolysis gas desulfurization technology installed at its Contrecoeur facility in 2017, in partnership with Air Science Technologies, performs beyond expectations.

Results from sampling tests performed by Eurofins Environment Testing Canada Inc. in early March 2018 confirmed a significant reduction in the average level of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Results showed a reduction from 6,100 ppm at the inlet down to 2 ppm at the outlet after desulfurization, for a capture efficiency of 99.97%.

Onsite testing was the subject of a comprehensive stack sampling program that was initiated by Ecolomondo / Air Science to determine quantitatively and qualitatively the contents of stack emissions during the burning of TDP process gas when used as the energy source to fire up TDP reactors.

Overcoming this challenge not only prevents high levels of extremely hazardous and corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from being emitted into the atmosphere, it also extends the life expectancy of the reactor shell by reducing corrosion of the heat transfer plate. Desulfurization is a major improvement to the TDP platform because it increases efficiency, lowers operational costs and substantially reduces its environmental footprint.

Ecolomondo believes that this technological achievement, along with a low environmental footprint, should improve lead times for permitting and help garner increased global attention for its TDP technology platform.

About Ecolomondo Corporation

Ecolomondo is a cleantech Canadian company that is commercializing its waste-to-products technology. The Thermal Decomposition Process (“TDP”) converts hydrocarbon waste into marketable commodity end-products, namely carbon black substitute, oil, gas and steel. Technologies such as Ecolomondo’s are expected to play an important role in resource recovery critical to future sustainability.

Management believes that technological breakthroughs in areas of emissions, process optimization, automation, end-product processing and safety, position Ecolomondo to become an industry leader.

The Company’s main revenues will come from the sale of TDP turnkey facilities and royalties from their operations. TDP facilities will generate revenues from the sale of end-products, tipping fees and carbon credits. Ecolomondo’s first focus is to market TDP turnkey facilities that use scrap tires as a feedstock, because scrap tires yield end-products with a higher commercial value, especially the recycled carbon black.

For further information please contact:

Elio Sorella,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ecolomondo
Tel: (450) 587-5999


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