Montreal, QC, February 1, 2023 — Ecolomondo Corporation (TSXV: ECM) (OTC: ECLMF) (the “Company” or “Ecolomondo”), a cleantech company specializing in the commercialization of its Thermal Decomposition Process (“TDP”) proprietary recycling technology and the deployment of TDP turnkey facilities, is proud to announce it has completed a second successful production run at its new TDP Hawkesbury facility on January 25.

The Company recently performed a first batch of 1,600 lbs, on January 11, in which all of the thermal equipment performed according to expectations. The success of the first test enabled the Company to proceed with a second test on January 25, a batch with a payload of 7,000 lbs, signalling the beginning of its ramp-up phase. The ramp-up phase will be completed when payloads achieve 16,000 lbs per batch per reactor. The Hawkesbury plant is expected to operate 330 days per year and produce 5,300 tons of recovered carbon black (“rCB”), 42,700 barrels of oil, 1,800 tons of steel, 1,600 tons of process gas and 850 tons of fiber.

The outcome of this second batch was equally successful as the first, showing that our new generation reactors are capable of processing large quantities of scrap tire waste efficiently. Every part of the thermal process, flare, reactor evacuation and control system worked according to expectations.

The mass balance of this 7,000 lbs batch should yield approximately 2,660 lbs of recovered carbon black and approximately 7.5 barrels of oil (a barrel being 42 gallons).

The successful performance of the TDP equipment reflects the experience and technical data acquired from the hundreds of batches performed during the development of Ecolomondo’s TDP proprietary technology since 1998 at the Contrecoeur (Quebec) industrial-size pilot plant.

“This is another important achievement in our Company’s exciting history. After so many years of hard work and dedication, it is amazing to see it finally coming together”, says Eliot Sorella, Chairman & CEO of Ecolomondo Corporation.

Podcast on January 19, 2023

Mr. Eliot Sorella, Chairman of the Board and CEO, in a recent podcast discusses what Ecolomondo achieved in 2022 and what is in the pipeline for 2023. He shares about the Company’s rich history and commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable planet. He explains the advantages of Ecolomondo’s TDP proprietary recycling technology, how it will contribute to a circular economy. He further outlines why investors should take notice of TDP technology and the Company. He also discusses recent corporate developments including progress of the Hawkesbury TDP facility. The interview is hosted by Emmy-Winner Ashleigh Barry and is reshared across social channels and platforms. View the podcast on youtube at

Corporate Video January 2023

In January 2023 the Company also issued a new video outlining its corporate vision and strategy. It presents the Company’s TDP technology, present facilities and current projects, while focusing on the Company’s strategic objectives. View the video on youtube at

About Ecolomondo Corporation

Ecolomondo Corporation is a Canadian cleantech company that prides itself after its proprietary Thermal Decomposition technology TDP which is headquartered in Québec, Canada. It has a 25-year history and during this time has been focused on its development of its technology and the deployment of TDP turnkey facilities. TDP recovers high value re-usable commodities from scrap tire waste, notably rCB, oil, syngas, fiber and steel. Ecolomondo expects to be a leading player in the cleantech space and be an active contributor to the global circular economy. Ecolomondo trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol (TSXV:ECM). To learn more, visit

Our Mission, Vision & Strategy

Ecolomondo’s mission is to be a contributing participant in a dynamic Circular Economy and to increase shareholder value by producing and supplying large quantities of recovered resources to be re-used in the manufacture of new products.

Ecolomondo’s vision is to be a leading producer and reseller of recovered resources by building and operating TDP facilities, strategically located in industrialized countries, close to feedstock, labor and offtake clients.

Our strategy is to become a major global builder and operator of TDP turnkey facilities, for now specializing in the processing of ELTs. Our intent is to expand aggressively in North America and Europe. Our experience and modular technology should help us get there faster and better. We plan to keep performing ongoing research and development to ensure that Ecolomondo remains technologically advanced. We expect to finance our expansion with asset-backed debt and raise capital by selling minority stakes in each of the TDP plants that we build. Our newly constructed Hawkesbury and soon to begin Shamrock facilities clearly demonstrate the ideal model of how the future of turnkey facilities will be built.

About TDP

The TDP system is technically proven and is superior to other pyrolysis technologies. Over the years, our Technological teams were able to overcome all uncertainties that plagued most competitors especially in there areas: pre-filtration, reactor cooling, reactor rotation, reactor evacuation, water recycling, cleaning of rCB, (hydrocarbon removal), mass monitoring, heat curve development, humidity and water removal, safety testing, full system automation, emissions control and monitoring, rCB and pyrolysis oil post processing, efficient syngas reuse.

TDP is Environmentally Friendly – CO2 Reduction

By producing rCB, TDP reduces GHG emissions by 90% versus the production if virgin carbon black. The production of rCB at the Hawkesbury and Shamrock facilities will reduce CO2 emissions by 22,400 and 67,200 tons per year, respectively.

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Ecolomondo Corporation Contact

Eliot Sorella
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ecolomondo
Tel: (450) 587-5999

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